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our own web framework is now opensource

Posted by admin on 2019-11-18 21:02:25

i just publish java web framework base on vertx and akka implemented design was MVC and actor's 3 yeas ago i start using it n our projects now its time to grow with s Non Blocking framework we was able to build real time chat app for voice and video also it work will for live streaming and any app required hi availability with very little resources you will surprise with performance you will be happy to know that it's support Kotlin Java Scala Code first database migration use integrated ORM ( ebean )or use our own freemark was our choice for templating engine i'm not so good in talking about projects you have to see it your self i will upload tutorial and examples i will try to document the code your contribution is very welcome if you know what you are doing stay tuned hashtagdevelopers hashtagopensource hashtagsadeemegypt hashtagprogramming hashtagcss hashtaghtml hashtagwebdevelopment hashtagui hashtagjavascript hashtagandroid hashtagpython hashtagux hashtagusing hashtagchatapp hashtagblocking hashtagreact hashtagdeveloper hashtagtimetogrow hashtagactor